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Hour Collection

Hour family is an ode to time and a remainder that every moment can be treasured.

With this theme in mind, we drew inspiration from the object that resembles time the best way in our consciousness, the hourglass.

The first pieces of the series we developed have been the vases. We thought that flowers, with their fragility, show us in a beautiful way how time passes and the changes it brings with it.

These vases and all the other objects that followed are looking to achieve a sculptural aesthetic with simple volumes that get modelled by light and soft shadows.

Hour family has at its core a search for a simplified aesthetic that gets enriched through composition and material while also speaking clearly of its source of inspiration.

The objects in the collection are thought of complementing each other while serving as center pieces with a strong statement. The series is comprised of: vases in several dimensions, a flower pot, bowls, a candle and tea light holder.

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Additional information

Design Year: 2020

Produced by: Bolia

Material: stoneware

Finishes: white/sand with black speckles

Dimensions: Candle holder: H: 8.4cm; D:9cm

Bowl: H: 15cm; D: 25cm

Small vase: H: 22.4cm; D: 9cm

Medium vase: H: 29.4cm; D: 9cm

Large vase: H: 29.4cm; D: 12cm

Flower pot: H: 29.4cm; D: 16cm

Photo credit: Henrik Bülow

Styling: Christine Rudolph

201 Design Studio - Hour Collection - Sketch - Bolia

201DesignStudio - Hour Collection

201DesignStudio - Hour Collection