Ferma Collection l Ubikubi

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Ferma bathroom collection

This bathroom collection is inspired and makes an analogy to the archaic instruments that helped humans to fetch and transport water.

It seemed that the handle is the element that makes an instrument of carrying most recognizable, so its integration in this design speaks of the source of inspiration without any further additions.

The handle used as a main motif doesn’t help in carrying the objects but instead it has new purposes, such as being a towel hanger or serving as a shelf.

Corian and wood are a very interesting combination of materials that contrast in many ways but altogether blend in a harmonious overall aesthetic.

The collection consists in a free standing washbasin, a wall mounted washbasin, mirrors and stools that have a towel holder integrated in their seating.

Additional information

Design year: 2017

Manufacturer: Ubikubi

Materials: corian and wood

Finishes: white, natural wood

Dimensions: washbasin: w350 mm x d372 mm x h 850 mm

                          stool: w300 mm x L350 mm x h 450 mm

                          mirror: w520 mm x d130 mm x h 560 mm

Photo credit: Ubikubi

Concept video by: 201 Design Studio