OFFICERS desk accessories at “Form Follows Feeling” exhibition

Form Follows Feeling – a new design exhibition by Epretext, curated by Carmen Casiuc.

Epretext is a platform founded by Adela Maria Marius and Andrei Petru Jecza presenting a series of curated exhibitions by designers, architects and artists.

Showcased objects by:
Ana Adam, Ana Marchetanu, Bogdan Rusu, Ceramic Sparrow, De Ceramica, Dispozitiv Books, Ioana Maria Sisea, Lucian Rusu, Mara Grigoriu, Maria Pop Timaru, Minitremu, Mircea Cantor, MORMI, Peter Jecza, Radu Abraham, Seen Users, Smaranda Almasan, Stardust Architects, Tactil util, Teodor Graur, UAU, Victoria Finala, Victoria Zidaru, 201 Design Studio.

All objects can be acquired online –

LightTale and Ferma Collection – Artist Encounters 2 – Budapest Design Week

Design Hét Budapest / Budapest Design Week – Artist Encounters 2 - Romanian designers in the Eventuell Gallery

The products LightTale and Ferma Collection we designed for Ubikubi are part of yet another wonderful exhibition in Budapest.

We are very happy to be among the Romanian designers that get to showcase their products during Budapest Design Week.

Opening 15.10.2018

Light-Tale and Ferma Collection at Design Without Borders in Budapest

LightTale and Ferma Collection, both designed by our studio for Ubikubi, exhibited at Design Without Borders in Budapest.

An exhibition that brought together product designers, jewelry designers and object photographers from Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Photo credits: Juhász Tamas, Csaba Villányi & 201 Design Studio

Compose – Shelving System for UBIKUBI – showcased at RDW Main Exhibition

This year we designed a new modular shelving system for Ubikubi and you can see the prototype of one of its many configurations in the main exhibition at Romanian Design Week.

Compose is a shelving system adaptable and suited for any environment where there is need for storage, be it an office, home or commercial spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the shelves used in industrial storage this system offers modularity in vertical and horizontal directions, giving freedom of choosing from many types of shelves, various vertical dimensions and color combinations.

Artisan Collection – new products presented at Romanian Design Week 2018

Artisan is a collection of small accessories and furniture pieces that draw inspiration from the furniture of the medieval fortified churches in Transylvania. Although strongly essentialized in products that answer the aesthetics and functions of modern times, the pieces of the collection embed elements of the traditional, retaining its spirit and gaining uniqueness through them.

The collection is a projection of past in present objects.

Artisan Collection was also among the top pick projects of the international special creative board in the product design section.