Aqueduct Vase | Bolia

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Aqueduct Vase – Bolia

This vase makes an analogy through its name and shape to the ancient system that secured running water in cities and enabled them to flourish.

Beside its inspiration source, this vase is characterized by its functionality and its simple yet sculptural aesthetic.

Because of its aesthetic qualities the object can “live” on its own as a sculpture but it is enhanced when receives the natural beauty of flowers.

Aqueduct is made from a special kind of clay that creates a spotted pattern after firing, making every vase unique.

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

Additional information

Design Year: 2018

Edited by: Bolia

Material: ceramic

Finishes: white with black speckles

Dimensions: L 146 mm x l 59 mm x h 208 mm

Photo credit: Bolia

201 Design Studio - Aqueduct Vase - Bolia


201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct