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Several sources of inspiration and a journey of searching, retracing and reinterpreting valuable stylistic expressions are what led us to imagine Nova table lamp. Ranging from Art-Deco, Streamline Moderne, and even an exercise of imagining habituation in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis movie, we sought of creating a lamp that could embody all these rich expressions and synthesize them in a beautiful and contemporary product.

After several searches, the final drawing of the shape starts with a dynamic, rounded and airy shade that both floats and flows, almost seamless, into a solid and sculptural trunk that widens towards the bottom. This composition is balancing and combining glass with natural and robust materials in order to obtain a characterful object.

Maybe one of the most intriguing aspects of this lighting object would be the fact that the lamp elongates on one of its directions. This particularity does not only make for a more interesting and dynamic shape while changing angle of view, but also for practical reason, thus the lamp taking less space on a desk while not compromising the amount of light needed, and also making it suitable for placing on bookshelves, cabinets, windowsills, night stands or small tables.

The brass or chrome plated neck element, that visually divides the glass shade from the base, is also the connecting piece between these two main elements. The small round screws that are placed on the sides of this rim, are turning a technical solution into a delicate small detail.

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Additional information

Edited by: WOUD

Design year: 2024

Materials: Opal glass; brass plated metal; walnut veneer/solid ivory travertine

Dimensions large hanger:

Length: 13 cm
Width: 27 cm
Height: 27 cm

Photo credit: WOUD

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