Aqueduct Vase l Bolia

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

Aqueduct Vase

This vase makes an analogy through its name and shape to the ancient system that secured running water in cities and enabled them to flourish.

Beside its inspiration source, this vase is characterized by its functionality and its simple yet sculptural aesthetic.

Because of its graphic qualities the object can “live” on its own as a sculpture but it is enhanced when receives the natural beauty of flowers.

Aqueduct is made from a special kind of clay that creates a spotted pattern after firing, this makes every vase unique.

Additional information

Design Year: 2018

Produced by: Bolia

Material: ceramic

Finishes: white with black speckles

Dimensions: L 146 mm x l 59 mm x h 208 mm

Photo credit: Henrik Bülow

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

201DesignStudio - Aqueduct

Light Tale l Askia


Light Tale

Inspired by a range of shapes and structures but mostly by a type of windmill used for pumping water, Light Tale is a floor lamp in which the sense of balance and good proportion work together to serve functionality.

The geometric shape of the shade tames and gives a sense of touch to the light which is otherwise an indefinite element. It acts mostly the same way the windmill harnesses wind to transform it into energy, only this time energy is transformed into light.

The tail at the back of the shade gives comfort and ease in directing the light source to the desired location, as the tail of the windmill follows the wind so does the lamp follow the user.

The shade provides a cone of light suitable for reading or writing but can also be used just for creating a warm ambient in the room. The contrast between shaded and the illuminated area is well defined due to the opening and form of the shade.

The shade can be rotated around the stem of the lamp at 180 degrees and made to face up or down at 75 degrees.

Materials are chosen to be straight forward and to mix the feeling of the cold and sturdiness of the metal with the warmth of wood. Together they balance the lamp making it both sturdy and delicate at the same time.

The floor lamp is delivered disassembled but it can be put together just by attaching the legs to the stem of the upper shade system.

Additional information

Design year: 2015

Produced by: Askia

Materials: steel and wood

Finishes: white, black, cooper coating

Dimensions: h 1720 mm

Light source: 60/100 watts light bulbs on E27 fitting

Photo credit: 201 Design Studio & Askia

Concept video by: 201 Design Studio

Light Tale sketch

Ferma Collection l Ubikubi

Ferma bathroom collection

This bathroom collection is inspired and makes an analogy to the archaic instruments that helped humans to fetch and transport water.

It seemed that the handle is the element that makes an instrument of carrying most recognizable, so its integration in this design speaks of the source of inspiration without any further additions.

The handle used as a main motif doesn’t help in carrying the objects but instead it has new purposes, such as being a towel hanger or serving as a shelf.

Corian and wood are a very interesting combination of materials that contrast in many ways but altogether blend in a harmonious overall aesthetic.

The collection consists in a free standing washbasin, a wall mounted washbasin, mirrors and stools that have a towel holder integrated in their seating.

Additional information

Design year: 2017

Manufacturer: Ubikubi

Materials: corian and wood

Finishes: white, natural wood

Dimensions: washbasin: w350 mm x d372 mm x h 850 mm

                          stool: w300 mm x L350 mm x h 450 mm

                          mirror: w520 mm x d130 mm x h 560 mm

Photo credit: Ubikubi

Concept video by: 201 Design Studio

Totem l Ubikubi

Totem candle holder


Totem is a set of candleholders made for today’s use of a candle, an aesthetic object with symbolic meaning.

The product is inspired by the idea of using pure geometrical shapes that together create a sculptural volume following functionality and binding it with the simplest shape and concept.

The set of candleholders can be used combined or as single elements, giving freedom in use and the trade of a shape shifting object.

The two conical shapes of the set can hold classic candle sticks while the cylinder holsters a tea light.

The product is made from casted aluminum with powder coated finishes.

Additional information

Design year: 2016

Manufacturer: Ubikubi

Materials: aluminum

Finishes: powder coated – black, white, grey, salmon, blue

Dimensions: Ø 70 x h 100 mm

Photo credit: Ubikubi & 201 Design Studio