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Around Wall Hanger – WOUD

We designed the Around wall hanger with the intention of creating a simple and practical product that leaves its decorative element visible even when in use. We considered this to be a feature which may be desired, as most wall hangers become hidden objects, when used, and lose their capability of being a decorative element for the wall.

The construction of the object and its volumes are drawn with consideration for creating a play of light and shadow on its surfaces, thus creating contrasts and a dynamic object.

The wooden concave surfaces bring a sculptural detail to the design while adding warmth and balance to the sturdy metal hook.

With a simple and versatile design, the two models offer two ways of use: the steel wire for coat and bag straps and the wooden head for placing other garments.

Materials are chosen in contrast with each other: the warm surface of the wooden body, with the beautiful grain accompanying the sturdy powder coated steel wire.

The Around wall hangers are available in two sizes and three colors that can easily be combined and create a harmonious composition on the wall.

Around Wall Hanger - Woud - 201 Design Studio

Additional information

Edited by: WOUD

Design year: 2023

Materials: Oak / wallnut and steel

Finishes: Matt lacquered solid walnut / black painted solid oak / white pigmented lacquered solid oak in combination with satin brass plated metal hook / black painted metal hook

Dimensions large hanger: Length: 14.25 cm
Width: 8.5 cm
Height: 7.80 cm

Dimensions small hanger: Length: 11.50 cm
Width: 3 cm
Height: 7.80 cm

 Photo credit: WOUD

Around Wall Hanger - Woud - 201 Design Studio - Sketch

Around Wall Hanger - Woud - 201 Design Studio

Around Wall Hanger - Woud - 201 Design Studio