Officers Desk Accessories


Officers Desk Accessories

Officers is a collection of contemporary workspace accessories created to serve their function through a simple yet sculptural aesthetic.

We believe in timeless design achieved through quality, sustainability and adaptability. With this belief in sight, the Officers collection is drawn on the basis of functionality combined with sturdy materials and finishes.


These accessories, through their minimalist aesthetic, are easy to integrate in any workspace environment.

The collection encases an A4 paper holder, a pen + card holder, two sizes of file holders and a wall file holder. The objects are made from steel sheet, material chosen for both its sturdiness and lightweight.

The shapes and details of the products are following a rational and functional purpose, therefore all of them have a 45 degree bent “handle” that make it easier to grab, pull and organize on a shelf or another surface.

Colours have an equal important role with the shape, and are chosen in relation to one another, enabling the creation of colorful patterns when mixing them together.

The belief for which we stand, as to these accessories, was one of creating products that would stand out in their simplicity and dedication to functionality and adaptability to an ever changing work environment.


Additional information

Design year: 2016

Edited by: 201 Design Studio

Material: steel sheet

Finishes: acrylic powder coated paint

Colours: white, light grey, salmon pink, emerald green

Dimensions: File holder: H: 32cm; W: 28.5cm; D: 9cm

File holder – narrow: H: 32cm; W: 28.5cm; D: 7cm

A4 paper holder: H: 7.5cm; W: 33cm; D: 21.5cm

Pen holder: H: 13cm; W:13.5cm; D: 7cm

Wall file holder: H: 23cm; W: 31cm; D: 10.5cm






Officers Desk Accessories - 201 Design Studio